If you're like many people today, you love staying active, but you have those nagging aches and pains that prevent you from doing a lot of the activities you love to do. You may have unresolved chronic pain that prevents you from running, skiing, or even playing with your children. You've probably been told you have to live with the pain, or there's no solution. Maybe you've had surgery that didn't help the pain go away, or you've been unresponsive to your previous attempts at therapy. Meanwhile, you'd like to exercise longer, faster, and pain-free, but you don't know how to increase your training without getting re-injured.

You can feel better and stay active doing the things you love. You can get back to playing the sports you love and increase your athletic performance. It's possible to be free of chronic pain, feel stronger, and have better balance and less likelihood of falling. You can have pain-free sleep and become more durable and resilient, reducing your injuries.

If all of this is possible, then why haven't you done it? You probably don't know how, or have already been told there is no solution. You've probably tried everything, unsuccessfully, and at this point you're confused about where to turn. You may have given up hope because you're not sure how to prevent injuries and not sure what to do proactively, day-to-day. Maybe you don't have enough time, struggle with compliance, or simply need more support.

There is a solution for you. It begins with understanding that chronic pain is more than just a symptom and needs to be dealt with in an appropriate way. Carefully assessing your movement and patterns and developing the right treatments will help you strengthen muscles, deal with muscle timing issues, and restore mobility. You can also empower yourselves and support in-office treatments with unique, therapeutic exercises to do at home on a daily basis.

Have you tried different diets over and over hoping for the lasting results you've always wanted? Do you hit your weight loss goals only to gain the weight back in a short time? Are you too busy to cook healthy food that tastes good? Maybe you don't know what are the right foods to eat? Do you find yourself so off-balance that all your obligations come before your meal? Do you want to make the lifestyle changes that will keep you at your desired weight but don't know how?

You can lose the weight and keep it off. You can find the right lifestyle that makes it easy to learn how to eat well. There are ways to cook tasty food in the limited time you have in your day, allowing you to feel good. It is possible to live your life without feeling the guilt.

If it's so easy to do, why haven't you done it yet? Maybe no one has ever taught you, and you don't know how. Maybe you don't believe you can make lasting change, or you haven't ever been able to in the past. Or you simply haven't had the time because you're too busy taking care of everyone else in your life.

You don't have to do it alone. Getting the support from a coach who can support and teach you how to enjoy your life while living healthy can bring you the results you want. Using the right tools and methods for you can help create the lasting change you desire. Taking the time and making the effort with the help of the right program and the right coach may just be what you need to have what you want. You may be just two or three habits away from having the life you want.